Dr Andy Tannahill - Dental Implants Specialist - Scarborough

Tooth loss and replacement

If you have missing teeth

People lose teeth for a variety of reasons, these are; advancing gum disease, wear and tear due to ageing, accidents, failed root treatments or tooth decay.

These will leave gaps, which can sometimes seriously affect their smile, or cause problems as food is difficult to chew, and may put more stress on the digestive system.


Why should missing teeth be replaced?

After teeth are lost, the bone support underneath the gum will shrink. This will cause a lack of support, and may cause the facial appearance to collapse around the mouth, this can be extremely aging.

Placing dentures can fill the gaps, but as they constantly move in the mouth, they will accelerate this bone loss. The chewing forces cause slow resorption of the bone, causing the dentures to need relining or replacing. This bone loss may increase the need for other procedures required to place the implants successfully.

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